Why the change from Bellaria Designs Photography?

I’ve gone through an awesome rebranding!

When I began this business over 6 years ago I could not have imagined where my business would be today. I chose my original name, Bellaria Designs Photography, as an homage to my Italian heritage. Over time my business, my style, and my business practices have grown. I found that I had grown apart from the name I began with. Especially in one major area. The name didn’t reflect “me.”

During the rebrand process, I had the opportunity to ask my previous and current clients questions about how they view my business. One major constant was “Me”. One of the most enjoyable parts of my clients’ experiences was their relationship with me throughout the process of planning for their session or wedding. This was all the confirmation I needed.

I am Dawn Temple Photography.
Dawn Temple Photography is ME.

When you hire me, you are not only gaining from my experience, but you are getting me. And I am there for you. Beginning, and onward.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, and I can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes us!

Dawn Temple, your photographer, Dawn Temple Photography

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