Hot and Humid. Two words you might not want to hear on your wedding day. Being in New England in the summer, these two are often hard to avoid, but some of the effects can be managed. When temperatures are going to rise, it’s good to have a plan. Here are a few great options to make the most of your Summer Wedding in New England!



I cannot emphasize this enough. Not just for your guests, but also yourself. Most likely you will be wearing many layers, either as a dress, or suit, so staying hydrated will be important. And not libations, either. I’m talking good old fashioned H2O. Always have some water nearby, from the time you’re getting ready, through the end of the night. It also helps if you have an outdoor ceremony to have a bar, or even just a table with water, available for guests. Also, some couples will provide guests with a goodie bag, which includes snacks and still or sparkling water.

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If you are lucky enough to have an indoor ceremony, with great AC, fans aren’t necessary. But outside, and even in some churches, shade or AC may be tough to come by. A fan could be saving grace, to try and cool off your guests. Why not take it one step further, and make the fans the program for your ceremony?! Your guests will thank you!




There are some things that are unavoidable during a daytime summer wedding. The sun is usually one of them! Usually the ceremony takes place in an open area, so the sun can cause guests to have to squint. Many guests may bring their own sunglasses, but why not start a trend, and pick a pair that coordinates with your day, and let your guests have their own!



Go Short! (And Try for Evening Photos!)

Let’s face it, ladies, wedding dresses can be intense! So many layers, often of very heavy fabric. Why not switch it up, and go short? After the ceremony and formals, change into a fun, short dress! Then, after all the formalities of the ceremony are over, head outside, when it’s cooler, for a few more evening portraits in your party dress!



Head for the Water!

One of my favorite weddings last year had two parts. The ceremony and Reception took place at OceanCliff in Newport. A gorgeous waterfront venue, with amazing views of Narragansett Bay. After the wedding, I joined the couple on a fantastic sunset sail along Newport. It was the perfect end, to a perfect day, and the breeze on the water was so refreshing! Check out the Schooner Aurora for more details! Combine it with a daytime OceanCliff wedding, for a full day of fun!

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Grab a Parasol!

Why not do something fun, and colorful, while helping you and your guests get some shade? Check out these fun Parasols from Luna Bazaar!

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Free Your Feet!

Sometimes there’s nothing cooler than just being able to put bare feet in grass. But if you don’t want to go barefoot, you could always try sandals! There are some really cute options, with lots of jewels or colors, so you can be comfortable, while still rocking out some awesome sparkle!!



Find Some Shade

It can be tough to escape the heat, especially if having an outdoor wedding, or in the city, where it tends to get even hotter. Try to find a shady area for photos. There will be less squinting, you’ll be cooler, and the light quality is better.

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Have Fun!

No matter what, try not to stress too much. Let friends, family, and your bridal party help to make sure the day goes smoothly, and it will!


Have an awesome wedding, and stay cool!