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What an amazing year this was! I’ve been a part of so many wonderful moments this year, it was really hard to narrow them down, but here goes. Here are some memorable moments, shots, and overall goodness from this year. And these don’t even include the nearly dozen weddings I worked as an associate photographer or second shooter!

The Details: Couples put a lot of effort into each element of the day, from the rings, to the flowers, to the favors, cake and colors. Here are a few from this year!


Getting Ready: It’s always nice to be there when the bride, or groom, is getting ready. You get to be there for some of the private moments, from the putting on of the dress, to trying to figure out how to tie a necktie, or fold a handkerchief. Here are some of those moments.

The “Look”. There are many “looks” that occur on a wedding day. From the first time a mother or father sees their child that day, or the look a couple gives to one another, just as they see each other right before the ceremony. And I was so happy one of my couples, Thommy & Jen, decided to do a “First Look” this year! What a great way to get those wedding day jitters eased, while also getting to spend a few moments alone… Here are some “Looks”!


The Ceremony: I love the ceremony. From the moment guests turn to see the bride enter, to the recessional, holding hands for the first time as a married couple. The ceremony holds the most gravitas of the day, and is a special time. 


Formals! I was only going to include the couples here, but I’ve got some pretty fun clients who had a lot of fun with me as we did the formals, so I’m throwing a few of those in too! 


The Emotion. I can’t help but look for those moments when emotions come to the surface. Here are a few notable moments.

The First Dance: You don’t need fancy dance lessons to create a memorable moment with the one you love… 

The Kids! Kids are always good for a fun, funny, or heartfelt moment on a wedding day!

Before I go: At the end of every wedding, I go up to the couple to see if there is anything else they need, or to tell them it’s time for that one last shot they wanted (or I wanted!). These three shots represent that, and will be the final shots of this post. The first one was a request from the bride and her bridesmaids. The second was a request from the bride (I added the groom to the shot, and she ended up loving it!). And the final shot was a request by me. Thank you again to all my couples, their friends and loved one, and all the other wedding professionals I met and worked with this season. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!