Boston Strong: A Fundraiser for the Victims and Families of the Marathon Bombings, at Tempo Bistro | Waltham Event Photographer | Boston Event Photographer | Rhode Island Event Photographer |

On April 15, 2013 many lives in the Boston area, along with countless others across New England, America, and as far away as China, were changed forever. For the first time since September 11, 2001, Americans died on our soil due to the actions of those who were set on hurting as many people as possible. They achieved that task, but they didn’t realize one thing: Bostonians are a resilient foe. The Revolution started there. There was Bucky, Buckner, and Boone. They may get knocked down, but they come right back. Fighting, cheering, loving, healing. Every day I hear a story about another survivor of the bombings who has gotten out of rehab, begun to walk, gained some freedom, it reminds me: there are too many of us here, fighting the good fight. And it will continue.

I was thrilled to have been asked to photograph an event at Tempo Bistro, in Waltham MA, in support of the 1 Fund. The restaurant and its staff donated its time, food, and great prizes, in addition to dozens upon dozens of other great raffle items from other area businesses and individuals. It was an amazing event, raising around $55,000 for the fund, which will help both the victims as well as the survivors and families. Here are some of the photos from that night. Enjoy, and if you can, please give to the 1 Fund. Every little bit helps.

(Special thanks to Hafsa Lebreche, for allowing me to be there, and Shannon Michelle of Shannon Michelle Photography for referring me.)