C & M, A Newport Engagement Session | Newport Wedding Photography | Rhode Island Wedding Photography

I swear I have the coolest and bravest clients! It was a freezing day when C, M, and I met up to photograph their Engagement Session. We had no choice but to be troopers and do it, though, as both are from out of town, and would not be back this way for a bit. Looking at these images, you would never guess it was as cold as it was! C was so cold, but she made it look gorgeous! And M really took my advice when I suggested “pretend we are in the Bahamas!!” Ha! I was so happy to meet them, and spend time with them and their pups and M’s family, and I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding in Newport this summer! So enjoy these images, and go ahead and leave them a little love in the comment section at the end.