Cristina and Robert: A Providence Marriott Downtown Wedding | Rhode Island Wedding Photography

Cristina and Robert were such a blast to photograph on their wedding day! They and their friends were so full of life, and great to be around.

I headed to the Providence Marriott Downtown to start with the girls getting ready. I loved Cristina’s palette of yellow and grey. Especially the shoes! How fun!







Caitlin from Impulse Hair Designs did a great job with the girls!

It really hit Cristina once the dress went on, and she could barely hold back the tears. So sweet…



The ceremony was lovely, and you could feel the love between them.



After a few minutes of regrouping and family photos, we headed outside for bridal party photos!









We didn’t have time to head off the property to photograph, so it was just a matter of finding some little pockets to photograph in, that would give them some great shots. I think we pulled it off! You’d never know we were photographing in the hotel’s lot!

For the reception the couple had their friend Shawn Macacy dj-ing, and the couple was on the floor for their first dance.


I loved their cake figurines! Very Mr. & Mrs. Smith!



And what a great crowd! Lots of fun, dancing, and even a limbo contest. Thank you so much for having me, Cristina and Robert! It was so fun!