Inspired by Herb Ritts: A Plum Island Beach Editorial | Rhode Island Fashion Photographer | Rhode Island Editorial Photographer | Massachusetts Fashion Photographer | Massachusetts Editorial Photographer

Like many people my age, who grew up as part of the “MTV” generation, we were inundated with some cutting edge and creatively produced cinematography in the videos of our favorite artists. However, while all the flash, graphics, and special effects were cool, I’ll never forget the day I saw the video for Madonna’s “Cherish”. This fun, B&W video had no special effects or anything else that should have made it stand out. But to me it did. I was drawn in to its clean beauty. Simple, black and white beauty. I began seeing similar videos by other artists. Janet Jackson. Tina Turner. And then, Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. That was it, I had to know who created these videos.

I learned that the cinematographer was actually a well know still photographer, who had also produced some of my favorite images of my favorite supermodels, such as Cindy and Stephanie, and Christy. The models who did not need a last name. His name was Herb Ritts. And his work is sublime. His use of light, shadow, structure, space, and sensuality were amazing. I decided I wanted to do a shoot inspired by him.

I had a great swimsuit designer out of LA, Miss Kinsman, provide me with a couple of her suits for my model, Claudia to wear. Claudia is a gorgeous model with Maggie Inc, in Boston. I had been dying to work with her, and knew she would be perfect. We also had Owen from Maggie to provide us with our strong male model. I couldn’t have been happier! One of the best parts was finally being able to work with Liz Washer of  Liz Washer, Makeup Artist. Her work is impeccable, and I was thrilled to work with her.

We ended up on Plum Island in Northern Massachusetts for this shoot. We were trying for a local nature preserve, but were run off by federal park police, so thankfully we found another local beach to work at.

I also decided to try some B & W film for this shoot. I did not finish the roll, however, so I will be developing it at a later date, and will post an update. I’m excited to have played with film again, and can’t wait to see them!

But here are the shots from that day I can show. Thank you Herb for etching your work on my brain so many years ago. And while I am nowhere near your talent, know that I admire yours…