Love a good proposal.


Seriously. See: HERE  HERE  and HERE

I mean, how many people get to say that they were able to not only witness, but also photograph, one of the most important days of someone’s life? And I’ve had the honor of doing it multiple times! And each time, it is just as exciting for me.

Jeff contacted me after another fellow photographer referred me to him. (Another awesome trend from this year! Thanks to all my photographer friends!) He wanted to propose to his girlfriend, and wanted to chat about how we could make it happen. After a few calls and planning emails, we finally settled on an idea. He and Nicole loved to take their dog, Maverick, out for long walks. One place that Nicole loved was at the Grist Mill at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury MA. It’s a beautiful, historically New England locale, with a working water wheel. A little note for my fellow professional photographers looking to shoot here: please do the right thing and leave the donation for use of the space. These places are nice enough to let us shoot on their property. Please do the right thing and pay them.

Back to this lovely duo! I was keeping constant watch on my phone, waiting for the text from Jeff, to tell me they were on their way. He said I shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. He wasn’t wrong! Wait until you see Maverick, and you’ll know why!

As I watched them head closer to the mill, I waited for the moment. then it happened! Jeff got down on one knee, and Nicole said yes!! I couldn’t have been happier for them!

I waited a few moments for them to enjoy the moment, then I headed over to surprise Nicole.

We spent the next half hour or so, walking around the property, taking a few more images. It was so wonderful seeing how happy they both were. The smile on Nicole’s face, and the way they looked at each other was just perfect.

Here are some favorites. Don’t forget to check out the slideshow at the end, and leave them a little note in the comments!

Congratulations, you two!

PS: Did you get engaged over the holidays? Don’t forget to contact me asap to book!