Martin & Shoshana: A Cape Cod Newlywed Session | Cape Cod Wedding Photography | Chatham Bars Inn Wedding Photography

Whenever I meet with new clients, and they sign a contract, I always go over the one section in there about what would happen if I was unable to shoot their day due to illness or other reasons beyond my control. I am always happy to announce to my couples that I have a wonderful group of professional photographers I belong to that can be called upon on a moments notice. And my photographer friends know that if they were ever to fall ill, I would be there for them in a heartbeat. I am proud that I have built these relationships, and this shoot is a result of this.

I received a message from another local photographer, wondering if I was free to cover a shoot for her. The poor thing had become ill, and needed someone to step in. I was free, so I was more than happy to oblige!

I learned this shoot was very special right away. Martin and Shoshana were married a month or so earlier, but did not have any professional photos at their wedding. Their family wonderfully decided to surprise them with an impromptu Newlywed Session while the family was gathered on vacation in Cape Cod. I met up with them at the Chatham Bars Inn, and we set off on our shoot!

I seriously don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time I was with these two. I learned that they had known each other many years earlier, and reunited in their later years, and decided to get married! It was like a fairytale, and you could see and feel the love around them.

Here are some favorites from their session. Thank you Martin and Shoshana for having me along. You made my day. Love is grand, no matter when you find it.