A few months ago, I had the pleasure of organizing Lovecraft, a fun, alternative wedding show. At the show, there were numerous local artisans and makers. I was inspired by the variety of skills and lovely products being created. So, I reached out to these talented folks, with the idea of heading into their work areas, learning more about what they do, and bringing their work to life in images. This will be a series, of varying artists, artisans, and makers, working in varied mediums and fields. I hope you enjoy exploring with me, and I hope you enjoy these amazing people and their products as much as I do!
First up is Ingrid, who works with paper in an amazing way! Her delicate paper cuts are awe inspiring. Having done some cut paper art in art school, I am amazed at the patience, accuracy, and precision.
When I arrived at her home, I was greeted by a beautiful foam core piece she made for her front door.
Around her kitchen were some beautiful hanging pieces, as well.

And her personal pieces were mounted, and lovely. From a family tree, to a lovely house, complete with laundry, blowing in the breeze.

She then showed me a variety of finished pieces, from owls to a new idea she had, adding the cut paper to clear ornaments!

One of my favorite projects of hers are her calendars! She makes a paper cut for every month, based on a theme, and then creates a calendar! Love them! PS: You can buy them!


And of course, being an artist myself, I love seeing an artist’s workspace and tools.




Thank you so much, Ingrid, for letting me invade your space! Now, here you can meet the artist, and learn a little more about her work, in her own words!


What is the proper name of the art you create?
I work in the German tradition of paper cutting known as Scherenschnitte. This translates to scissors cuts, but I use an x-acto knife.
When did you first begin working in this medium?
I made my first cutting as a teenager. I was visiting my Aunt in Denmark and I couldn’t afford to buy  all the beautiful cuttings that I desired. My first  design was out of black paper and was an apartment building. I cut all the windows out and put yellow paper behind them to capture the view from my Aunt’s window.
What inspires your creations?
I find inspiration from nature. I am a huge fan of anything with fur or feathers. Living in an area where the seasons change helps as well. I take daily walks and that time outside helps me come up with ideas. Another life saver is Pinterest!
Do you work on commissioned pieces? What kinds?
I love doing commissioned work. Paper cutting  lends itself to becoming an heirloom when a  date is added to a piece. Weddings are especially fun as I enjoy adding elements to the piece that  reflect the couples’ interests and personalities. One that I did this summer has the couple in a  canoe, as that was how they were leaving the outdoor ceremony!
What are you currently working on?
Right now I am working on a cutting that will be a Christmas gift for a family that breeds champion German shepherds.
Where do you see this art form going?
There a lot of contemporary artists who are working with cut paper. I think it is fantastic that they are taking a  craft and using it in larger scale and to convey their own
message and esthetic. Two of my favorite artists are Rob Ryan and Elsa Mora.
How can clients contact you? Where can they see/buy your work?
To see my work you can visit my site: To purchase my work you can visit my etsy shop: or visit Studio Hop in Providence.
Anything else you’d like to add?
One of the hashtags I use on instagram is ilovescherenschnitte. This craft of cutting paper is very satisfying to me as I like the challenge of balancing the positive and negative in my design so that the image reads and isn’t cut off the paper. Also unfolding a symmetrical piece can feel like opening a gift. I usually have just drawn the half image, so it can be exciting to reveal the whole image.