As you may have read HERE , I recently went through a major rebrand. It was an exciting process,  which has already made me so happy! I am finally in a place where I feel that my branding is not only more reflective of me, but also appeals to the clients I love! I have been getting such amazing feedback, and I feel confident putting the new brand out in the world.

To celebrate, I wanted to put together a new welcome gift for both my wedding clients, as well as some of my favorite wedding professionals and venues.

I knew I wanted to incorporate my new branding from PostFilm Design Co as a highlight. So I came up with the idea of having custom cookies made by A Piece of Cake LLC, right here in RI! They come in pairs, and feature my new name and logo. They are so sweet, pun intended!

To pair with the cookies, I decided upon a Rhode Island staple: Coffee Milk! Dave’s Coffee has a delicious coffee syrup blend.

Finally, I went with my favorite company for print collateral, MOO. I worked with them to create my new business cards, note cards, stickers, and the gorgeous heavy stock note cards you see featured. If you want to check them out, and get 10% off your order, here’s a referral link for you: LINK

I am so excited how everything came together, and how well my new branding is being received! Thank you to all who have helped along the way!


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