A couple months ago, I received a message through my website. It was from a young man, named Brandon who was hoping to propose to his girlfriend, Lucy. Turns out, it was someone I had photographed before, with her pup, and she had been telling him about me. I didn’t have to think twice. I LOVE Proposals!! Even more fun, it was going to be in Boston, beginning at the famous Acorn Street.

After a couple weeks of plotting how we would pull off the proposal, without her wondering, we came up with a plan. Because Lucy knew me, and might get suspicious, we decided that I would pretend that I was there to photograph another couple. Fingers crossed!

I made my way to Acorn Street, which is often referred to as the most photographed street in America. There I saw Lucy and Brandon! I came over, got Lucy’s attention, and pretended not to know Brandon. I mentioned that I was waiting for my couple, and after a large tour group left the area, I asked them if they wouldn’t mind posing for a second, so I could test the lighting before my couple arrived. It was time!

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They were both so swept up in the moment at first, that neither realized Brandon had put the ring on the wrong finger at first. Ha!

2016-06-01_0011 2016-06-01_0012


After a few moments, we spent some time walking around the area. It was a beautiful day in Boston!


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Thank you so much Brandon for reaching out! I loved spending the afternoon with you! Congratulations!!