Should I do a First Look?

This is usually one of the first questions I am asked when planning wedding photography coverage with my clients. It truly is a personal choice, so I’ll share some frequently asked questions about the First Look and suggestions, which may help you decide for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions & Suggestions

  1. How much time should I schedule for this? The moments before, during, and immediately afterwards only take a couple minutes. 5 minutes at most. However, if you choose to combine it with Formals, see question 4.
  2. Where should the First Look take place? I recommend a scenic location, with enough room to be able to photograph the approach, and reactions.
  3. Who should be there for the First Look? I recommend that only the couple is there, as it is one of the few moments for the two of you to be truly alone on your wedding day.
  4. Should we schedule something else along with the First Look, to make the most of this time? Yes! I actually encourage my clients to do Formals immediately afterwards. If everyone is available, we can usually get through all of the Bridal Party and Family Formals immediately following. This is especially helpful, if you wish to be present during Cocktail Hour. Many couples choose the First Look, for just this reason. And they are happy for this option, and the chance to spend time with friends and family during Cocktail Hour. I recommend scheduling up to one hour total.
  5. Will doing a First Look affect the emotions during the Ceremony? No way! I have never seen a moment of that first glance during the ceremony tamped down by having a First Look. Rest assured: the emotion is still there!
  6. What if you don’t want to “see” each other? Is there another option? Sure! Some couples have chosen to do a First Touch instead. The couple stands on either side of a wall or door, and passes a note to each other. They briefly touch for a moment, without looking at each other. It’s very sweet, and a good middle ground option!

Here are some recent weddings, which featured a First Look!