Vidal Sassoon Inspired Shoot with Studio B | Rhode Island Fashion and Editorial Photography

I’ve always had an admiration for other artists. And I’m not just talking about those who hold a pencil or a paintbrush. This applies to any artist in a creative field, whether it be fashion, makeup, or hair. I love those who push not only their own boundaries, but those the world around them has set up for them to follow. I especially adore artists who are inspired by other disciplines.

Acclaimed hair stylist Vidal Sassoon was one of these artists. Inspired by Bauhaus architecture and its clean lines and geometry, Sassoon was driven to change his discipline of hair, which had been boxed into a singular style, without the creativity he felt it deserved. His drive and ambition after a rough childhood are inspirational in their own right, and detailed in the recent film about his life:

After seeing this film, I knew I wanted to create something inspired by him and his groundbreaking work. Fortunately I happened to know a great local salon owned by Sassoon-trained Steve Beaman and his wife Kristi, Studio B, a Salon and Beauty Boutique. We began the planning of this shoot, and a couple weeks after word came that Vidal had passed away. We were more determined to do him justice, and pushed forward. So last Monday I set up in their salon in Garden City, and we got to work. It was a great day, with two awesome models Victoria (brunette) and Mallori (blonde). Steve’s cuts were perfect. Reminiscent of Vidal’s work, but still with Steve’s unique touch, including some awesome chalking techniques which I had never seen before. The chalking added a great pop of color to each haircut. Kristi’s makeup work was flawless, and the girls looked amazing.

Here are a few favorites from the shoot. Thank you, Vidal for your inspiration. I hope we did you proud!

Hair: Steve Beaman

MUA: Kristi Beaman

Models: Mallori and Victoria

Photo Assistant: Catherine Leary

Location: Studio B, a Salon and Beauty Boutique