Looking back on my year of weddings is always a little bittersweet. They make me smile, thinking back to all my couples, and the moments from their weddings. Then there’s the little tinges of missing the lead up to, planning of, and the wedding day. Thankfully I have some amazing couples over the years who I’ve kept in touch with, and still photograph. It’s a joy to see their lives and families grow over time.

Here were a few little notes, looking back on this year’s weddings:

  • Having Men of Honor (this year, two brothers) standing up for their sisters at weddings is something I will never stop loving! I say let’s mix up those bridal parties!
  • Glamour is in session! From more intimate black tie weddings, to gorgeous fitted gowns, the drama was high, and the style was on point!
  • Flowers, greenery, and other botanicals: Some of the most spectacular floral and greenery arrangements and displays popped up this year, and I was not complaining! Give me ALLLLL the lovely greens and florals!
  • Lace, beading, and details: This year had some of my favorite gowns. Some truly unique, but each one meant to be for each of my brides. They all looked stunning!
  • Location, Location, Location! From waterfronts, to backyards, to historic homes, my clients know how to choose their venues! Each one suited the the day, and some were so personal and meaningful, they became an important component of the day.
  • Surprises! From fresh oysters harvested by the groom’s family, to a new sister in law singing a song to her brother and his new wife, to a surprise performance by a local dance troupe, and a father dancing with his daughter to a song off his own record, there were so many special moments that took us all by surprise, and brought more than a few tears at times.
  • Speaking of tears: There were so many happy tears this year! I am an emotional person, and I often thank goodness that I have a camera to hide my face during the emotional moments of the wedding day, because I can’t help but tear up. They got me so many times this past year. But I’ll take it!

Here are just a few favorites from this past year. Feel free to look through my other blog posts for more! Here’s to an awesome 2018!